Prepare a cardboard box of any size, scraps of Wallpaper, colored paper and packaging, various promotional catalogs and magazines, remnants of linoleum or thick coloured cardboard, cutting Mat, thick and thin fabric of different colors, glue, pens, paints, a variety of embellishments – ribbon, beads, feathers, flowers. You will also need wire, match boxes, Styrofoam and similar materials from which to make doll furniture.
From the box cut one side wall and glue the walls with Wallpaper and colored paper. If you wish, leave your drawers house paints. The floor of the house, glue cardboard, leftover carpet or linoleum.
Penetrate into the walls of the house, shuttered Windows, and the Windows from the inside attach curtains are pieces of fabric strung on the eaves of the wire or cord. Sew the curtains to the holders of the tapes.
Glue of matchbooks stacked on top of each other and of the foam pieces doll furniture. From spools of thread glued it on the plastic cover, make the Desk.
Decorate the house inside the color clippings from magazines, applications and paintings. Plastic lids from creams make lamps. Like Dollhouse will take a lot of pleasure to any child, because at any moment it is possible to add various pieces of furniture and decor.
If necessary, you can make additional rooms out of new boxes and connect all the rooms in one big house.