To make a doll wardrobe, take a Shoe box, beautiful paper or self-adhesive film or a thin wooden stick and metal accessories, which will play the role of door handles.
The lid of the box, cut along the contour so as to cut off the bends and then cut it in half lengthwise to get the billet doors. On one of the doors stick a mirror that can be cut from a foil sheet.
Smooth out the foil when applied. Pre-paste over doors with self-adhesive film or paper, which you then paste over the remaining surface of the Cabinet. Outside box along the edges with superglue to glue the doors in the bend, so that they opened outward.
In places where there should be handles, punch holes and insert them in a metal fittings or glue it. Glue self-adhesive film remaining surface of the box-cupboard. Then from inside the box mark the points, which will be held wooden stick for hangers, and do at these points holes.
Install the wand and RUB the ends with glue. If desired, glue, cardboard, drawer for small clothes and accessories. Separately a cardboard cut out of the clothes racks that will be mounted behind the cross stick.
Boxes of candy covered with paper and painted, you can glue the doll's house or its separate rooms, and separate pieces of furniture for dolls: tables, chairs, sofas, bookshelves.
Also chairs and sofas can be made from plastic bottles, the lower part of which is cut obliquely with a sharp pair of scissors. The bottle can be covered with fabric and inside put pre-sewn pillow. Using plastic bottles, boxes of different sizes, pieces of fabrics, lace and appliqués, you can create for your child the original Dollhouse.