You will need
  • Screwdriver
  • Side
To disable sensors it is necessary to find his unit. Usually it is installed in the Luggage compartment on the right or left or under the dash driver's side. A more exact location of the block can be found on the wire coming from the display.
Disconnect from power supply – find a 2 wire that go to the weight of the car.
From the block sensors are wire directly to the sensors located in the rear or/and front bumpers. The wire can pull out of the connectors and you can see through the side
The big question cause themselves to have the sensors on the bumper. If they are not already working, they must be removed from the holes. But in this case, on the bumper leaving a hole. You can re-install the new sensors with the new sensors on the old place. If you want to install instead sensors a rear view camera, in this case it is better not to touch or even change the bumper.
The display is glued on the dashboard with double-sided tape. Carefully tear off the tape, and bond clean.
For longer work sensors monitor sensors. Bumper possible should always be clean. In extreme cases, before each trip, clean the sensors themselves with a cloth without water. It is especially necessary to monitor the sensors in winter, and not to leave the car with frost and snow on the bumper at night.