You will need
  • the solutions for injection;
  • - cotton balls;
  • medical 70% alcohol;
  • - a syringe.
Thoroughly rinse the hands with soap, preferably antibacterial. You can then start preparing for the injection. Remove the syringe from the package and put it to the side, the tip of the needle, do not remove. If your medicine is in powder form, then open the vial and wipe the lid with a cotton swab with alcohol. Then fill the saline syringe and pierce the rubber cap. Then carefully shake the vial and fill the syringe solution. Cover the needle tip.
Apply with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol, injection. First, wipe the area approximately 10 by 10 cm, and then the second ball 5 on 5 see then take a comfortable position. In the thigh you can do a shot in both standing and lying down. When standing the knee to be bent at an angle of 45 degrees (put a leg on the chair). It is worth noticing that the muscles as relax just lying, therefore this position is preferable.
Insert the needle treated with alcohol, in place, approximately 1-2 cm into the muscle. Start slowly to introduce the medicine. When the syringe is removed, apply a cotton swab with alcohol on the injection site and hold it for a few minutes.
With the introduction of oily solutions need to be very careful. It is impossible that the solution gets into the blood vessel lumen. So, before you enter the medication, pull the plunger of the syringe itself. If the syringe is not bleeding, then you can safely enter medicine. Otherwise, you'll have to find another place. Do not take chances, better several times to pierce the foot, than to go urgently to the hospital.