To deliver tents, you need to find a flat surface and clean it from bumps and debris. Tents, if more than one, are placed in a circle of the camp, in the center hung the canopy, which houses the "kitchen".
For trekking it is necessary to take a light tent, which is easy to carry and quick to install. Such tents are not functionality, they can only sleep. Tents going at the attached diagram and are attached by ropes to a tree. Do not neglect the additional reinforcement fasteners – night can raise the wind and rain and strip the tent. And run and install it in the rain a dubious pleasure.
The canopy can be made of a lightweight and compact polyethylene. Or take ready-made travel canopy that is attached to two trees with ropes. Under the shed is a kitchen, which is a place of universal Assembly. For a makeshift hearth you can build the stove with logs and a campfire on the ground. Safer is the use of gas camp stoves that is powered by a small gas cans. This tile is placed in the suitcase and quietly tolerated in the backpack.
Organize life: hang a clothesline, tie him to a tree sink from a plastic bottle.
In each group there is a person who for any answers. Before the start of the campaign necessarily appointed "doctor" - the person who takes all the necessary medicines and means of first aid. "Fire" - responsible for the cultivation and maintenance of a fire. Planned duty roster. This distribution will help quickly to break camp without the distribution of further guidance. And, of course, should be the eldest of the group who takes all the important decisions regarding the route and everyday problems.