All take responsibility! Let parents know that you are already responsible enough to take care of the puppy. Be prepared to demonstrate their seriousness. Parents can arrange a mini-test, suggesting you to take care of something a certain amount of time. This can be a plant, small animal, or even a request to babysit his younger brother. Success in passing this test may prove to parents that you are responsible and serious in your intention to get a dog. Moreover, in order to convince parents to buy a dog, you have to become successful in everything. Without reminders to do the lessons, become an excellent student in school and additional courses.
Make cleaning the house a good habit. This is a great way to prove that you are able to remove for your pet. Offer to help the mother in performing any domestic tasks. It's a fact: if you want a dog, put in the extra effort. This will prove to your parents that you are willing to change and do so much for dogs.
Make a list of all the reasons for which parents refuse to buy a dog: no leash and a place to sleep pet will have nothing to feed the dog constantly drooling, dogs chewing furniture. Do everything you can to resolve each of the reasons: buy and install protection for furniture, find pet leash for dog, take care of her bunk and bone for the teeth. This once again proves that you are ready to watch, care for and care about the future of the pet.
Become more active. Any dog requires regular exercise. With the advent of the pet will have to sacrifice some personal time to walk the dog. If you tell parents that they are going to take a daily walk (e.g., Jogging) even before the appearance of the dog, it can convince parents of the seriousness of your intentions.
Invite mom to pay for dog food to reduce your personal spending.
Give the mother time to think about it. Don't bother her again and again, its persuasion. If the parents say no, show them your maturity, continuing to be useful in the house, and only occasionally remembering the dog, to let them get used to the idea.