First we need to learn from parents objective reason why they don't want to have Pets. Discreetly find out in a conversation whether someone from the family members allergies. This is usually the most powerful argument against cats. If there is, you have to accept the fact that animals in the house will not, because the health of family members is more important.
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Another constraining factor may be the financial situation of the family. Pet fee is an additional cost of meals for the pet, accessories for games and activity services. And sometimes these costs are commensurate with the maintenance of children. In this case, parents need to understand, or make efforts to self making money for the maintenance of a kitten.
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If no deterrent, it is better to speak on the theme of the store the kitten first with one of the parents. Better with my mom – often it is more loyal in the matter of Pets, especially cats. If you manage to ally a mother, then consider that father's permission in your pocket.
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Conversation with mom select the right moment. On the eve of you should be no disputes and disagreements, and generally, your behavior should not cause complaints. It is important to bring arguments for it. During the conversation mom should be in a good mood and free time. It is better to be disturbed than on the run, and to discuss all contentious issues.
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Start your conversation with your desire to have a kitten. Start to bring the advantages of this choice and the reasons why you are so important this pet. Maybe you feel lonely, and fluffy ball to help cope with a sad mood. Or just sunk into the soul kitten that needs a home. Maybe you liked a certain breed - so tell mom all the advantages of these cats. Be sure to promise mom that I would take care for a kitten for myself: will feed, get up early in the morning at his request to play with him, clean up after him the tray.
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Do not demand from parents immediate answers. Give them time to think things through, get used to the idea. If you see that deliberation was long, gently remind about the request. Can be a hint that soon the holidays (birthday, New year) and you dream about this gift.