Study the market of construction services in your region, conduct market research. If you have the time, opportunity and strength to do it all yourself, do it yourself, if finances allow – with the help of invited (hired) research company. Basically what you need to find out is who is a competitor of the company, what competitors offer, why their product or service is in demand of your potential consumers?
Decide whether you can improve the quality of construction services offered by your firm to maximize the interest of consumers. Do the following. The opinion of a professional inspect the facilities erected by your competitors, all remember, learn, analyze and honestly compare with the quality of construction of your objects. Need to services, technologies and materials that you offer to consumers was more favorable priority than what is offered by your colleagues at the same market.
Determine how you can advertise your firm. Will it be advertised through the media or services of your company are quite specific (for example, building houses or swimming pools and water parks), so you need to make a "live" screenings at the exhibition grounds, or to come up with suggestions directly to end-users. Perhaps, in order to promote your firm, it is better to use the services of partners for cross-marketing to improve the promotion of diverse goods and services that are designed for one audience. Not the last place can take the option of barter of advertising, of course, that this is really the case, if your work is interesting to the owner of the advertising medium.
Develop a public relations campaign. The difference of PR from advertising is that PR is not so much in need cost. However, in order for the firm to promote, "sell themselves" to regularly but not periodically. That's why the PR firm, usually developed immediately for a certain period e.g. 6 months or a year.
Create a strategy of promotion firms on the Internet. The world wide web is one of those types of advertising that require minimal costs. Create the website of your company. Internet promotion is just one step, a virtual office is quite another. Try to make the site informative, accessible to navigate and easy for search engines.
Think about branding. To promote the firms take care to ensure frequent contact target group and your brand.
Think about the creation of information occasions, i.e. on the possibility for free and often flashed on pages of paper and electronic media - take an active part in the discussion of scientific and practical articles connected with construction, comments on construction sites, etc. at least once per month publish press releases. However, remember that they need to make so that they were interesting not only to end users, your potential investors and customers, but also editors of magazines and Newspapers. From the quality of compilation releases is also to some extent depends on how quickly you Unscrew the firm.