She is in the class with breathing exercises. Some believe that it is frivolous approach to weight reduction, however, been many studies proving the effectiveness of this kind of gymnastics. The process of weight loss directly linked to the saturation of the body with oxygen. It is the process of oxidation in the body can lead to an active metabolism. Unfortunately, the ecological situation has led to the fact that the majority of the world's population uses shallow breathing, which is insufficient.

 The efficacy of breathing exercises for weight loss

There are many real examples that illustrate how you can reduce body weight, doing breathing exercises just a quarter of an hour. In addition, such exercises improves the overall health. The advantages of proper breathing in the process of losing weight are obvious:

better digested food;

- dulled reflexes responsible for the excitation of appetite;

- strengthens the immune system;

- break down fats;

- there is a rush of energy;

- nervous system comes into balance.

A rich supply of oxygen in the body accelerates the processes of conversion of food intake into energy. The acceleration of energy metabolism contributes to a more rapid and effective burning of the calories. Fat tissue is very susceptible to oxidation, so proper breathing - the key to a slim figure.

Another undoubted advantage is the fact that breathing exercises for weight loss helps the body cleanse itself from harmful toxins and carcinogens. Correct breathing technique is able to relieve stress, but they cause many to constant snacking.

What's the secret to breathing exercises for weight loss

Any method of breathing exercises based on diaphragmatic breathing. In comparison with normal breathing, it's deeper. This type of breathing increases the flow of blood to vital organs and tissues and nourishes the body with oxygen. The main result of training is youth, vigor, beauty and freshness of the body. Nowadays, you can learn the basics of breathing exercises not only independently, but also under the guidance of experienced coaches. Deep and calm breathing is used in all types of Eastern practices, ranging from yoga and qigong, to Slavic and Taoist practices.

An example of diaphragmatic breathing

In respiration there are 4 phases that are distinguishable in a healthy person, in complete tranquillity. The inhalation phase (inspiration), the delay at the height of inspiration, because without pauses, turns, accelerated breathing in, breathe out (exhale) and the delay at the height of the exhalation. Chest when breathing in does not rise, and in turn relaxation is lowered down, relaxed abdomen protrudes slightly, swiping massage all internal organs. On the exhale, do not try to pull the stomach back while reducing the lungs abdomen will return to its place.

Just 15 minutes a day will allow you to achieve visible results.