Do not hang the air pump is too high – it should not be close to the water surface, as in this case, it will not remove penetrating into the water grit. If they are not deleted, after some time the layer of sand and silt will clog the hole.
Make sure that you are properly hung pump for pumping wells – put it in the 50-100 cm from the bottom, so that the device was on par with the lower edge of the gravel filter. This rule you need to follow to ensure that the sludge does not accumulate at the bottom of the well and not to clog the filter and pulled the pump up.
The first time after hanging the pump from the well water will go cloudy and this is why the well must be pumped. Pump the well as much as possible to make the water cleaner, and to filter out very fine grains of sand, leaving in the bottom of coarse sand, which in itself will be a quality water filter.
In order to achieve the ideal of purity of water from wells, you should extort from her a few dozen tons of water is therefore pumped the well will be for quite a long time. It is best to clean the new hole within a few days.
When the well depth from 50 to 500 meters suck for no less than forty-eight hours, and at a depth of 50 meters, this process may take less time. Similarly, from time to time to produce pumping of old wells – it purifies water and filters from contamination.