Take asbestos cement pipes and drill the bottom hole with a diameter of 10 mm. They should cover the entire area of the bottom pipe is about one meter or one and a half - and staggered. Then, also at the bottom of the pipe, at a distance of about 25 cm from each other and saw through the circular groove. They should be through. These grooves will be required for mounting the grid for wells with copper wire, because the wire should not be granted and interfere with the movement of the pipe. Sharpen the lower part of the pipe so to get something like a funnel. Then the pipe is better to go down the ground. Now the end of the pipe you can wrap the grid wells and consolidate this mesh wire.
How to make <strong>hole</strong>
On the lower part of the pipe put a piece of another pipe, metal. The length should be approximately 25cm, and the inside diameter to be slightly larger than the diameter asbestos cement pipe outside. When the welder in the middle of the trimming pipes weld the wire rod. Its diameter should be 5 mm. It is focused, which does not allow pruning off the asbestos cement pipe or slip on it. When a scrap is placed on the pipe, the mesh is well secured in its place tightly.
How to make <strong>hole</strong>
Dig a deep hole, dip it in the tube. Then insert the top hole of the bailer. Next, slowly and carefully choose from the well the ground. When the ground would be cleaned, the pipe will sink down. To facilitate the work, use the lever, but don't hit the pipe that it is not cracked. When one tube is fully immersed in the ground, point at another asbestos-cement pipe. This should be done likewise with the piece and inner focusing. To instruct the pipe is necessary until, until a lot of water. Then you should throw in the hole a nylon sack of cement. He will seal the bottom so water came into the well only through the drilled in the pipe holes.
How to make <strong>hole</strong>