Start drilling from the excavation of the test pit two meters depth, 1,5x1,5 meters in size. The walls of the dug pit panel boards, to prevent sloughing of the soil. For drilling you need a drilling rig, which over the desired point of the suspended drill column with the head.
Tower make of logs with a diameter of 15-20 cm, and between them secure the winch. Drilling column is composed of interconnected drill rods with a length of 3 m. Use different types of drilling heads for different ground type.
In maloobyasnimoe the soil, use the drill-spoon. Solid ground you need to use a drill-bit, and in a clay soil – spiral drill. The manual way you will be able to drill the well to a depth of 20 meters.
Install over the pit the tower and collect the drill rod, lowering it then to the pit with a winch. For rotation of the rod required the strength of two people.
Apply on the rod a predetermined mark at a height of 60 cm, and reaching, remove the barbell from the ground for purification. If you need a shallow well, you can drill it without a tripod, using only a bailer for drilling the percussion method.
Drilled the borehole to the aquifer and confining layer is reached, stop drilling and begin to prepare the well for use. Clean it and drop to the bottom of the filter of metal mesh, filling the space between the filter and walls of coarse sand.
Installing in the borehole a filter and relocation pipe for water, remove wood paneling from the pit and cover it with earth. To the top wells, install pump for electric or manual control.