You will need
  • Metal pipes of different diameter, tripod, plumb
The most economical method to drill a borehole for water is to do it manually. For this you will need a metal pipe. Are thin half-inch and inch longer. So choose a pipe of three quarters of an inch.
Since the drilling will be vertical, you will need a metal tripod. The tripod ring will protect the drill from the slopes. Install the tripod on the selected drilling well site. With a plumb define the exact center, which will be punching.
Working on your installation is a drill. To make it best of the cut pipes with a diameter of not less than 100 mm. If the diameter is more, it is not scary. So the diameter of 120 mm in the future will allow you to use most models of submersible pumps.
In the tube it is necessary to make cuts for cutting soil, and a vertical slot that you need for easy cleaning of the drill. On the other hand, the tube should have a lid and spigot for attachment of a pipe extension. The drill is ready to work.
Drilling a divot is a short collar. In very dry soil should be periodically pour in the drilling location, a pre-prepared water. After passing through the layer of turf replace the gate with a long pipe. The top of it should pass through the ring of the tripod.
As you progress into the drill, move the handle. Periodically clean the drill from dry soil. When the ground starts to "squish", it means that the well water appeared.
Now should be inserted into the well casing with a diameter of 100 mm. of the tube Wall should be thick enough.
Well ready. Lower it a submersible pump and start the gradual process of "swing". Here's how: turn on the pump, release the water, then goes to slurry pump is shut down. Gradually around the pump water formed a kind of "bulb".
Drilling usually takes a few hours. Much of the time takes you a training tool.