After pulling out of the hole is required to install the tower and collect the drill rod. Using a special lift, lower the rod, then you can begin the process of drilling two. On the post before this you need to make a mark at a height of about 600 mm. Upon reaching this level the bar is raised and cleared.
As you can see, handwritten drilling implies the presence of at least two people. If you need to drill the hole at a depth of 20 meters, a tripod is not necessary. Floating Sands are extracted from well shock ways in the use of jelonki. Via viscous rocks of the borehole can be drilled with a bailer, a coil or drill with a wooden spoon. However, during drilling the tool must be removed and cleaned every 500-700 mm.
After passing the aquifer and confining layer to stop the drilling process. Now you can start to prepare well to work. First, it is necessary to thoroughly clean with the help of jelonki.
Next to the bottom of the wells lowered the filter, and the remaining space between him and the wall is filled with coarse sand. A filter is a very important element of any well. Its main task is to protect the water from the sand. The filter is a metal mesh that rests in the frame well.
Installing the filter and water tubes, you can remove the wood paneling and cover the pit. Then set a manual or electric pump. That bore more aesthetically pleasing look, top you can build a wooden shelter or build a log cabin with a nice painted cover.
Continue to arrange and decorate well you can so as you please. You can connect all their imagination. As you can see, to drill a well can be hand, the main thing – to know the technology of drilling.