So, the first exercise is called froggy legs. To run stand right, turn your shoulders, hands placed on hips. Now put your feet together, connecting the heel. Socks should be diluted as much as possible. In this position, slowly begin to squat. Knees should be diluted as much as possible, while the body lean should not. Too deep to squat in this exercise, you do not need. Do 3 such sets of 15-20 squats.
The following activity is pushing to the side. Stand left side to the wall, left hand oberems about it. Your right foot should lift and deploy it out. Then bend the knee and lift up, not turning the toe inwards, then straighten it down and to the side of the heel forward as if you want to start from invisible supports. The same should be done with the other leg. Do 2 sets on each leg for 15 times.
The strokes standing. Original position: feet on width of shoulders, hands on waist. Now you should lean forward, then hands, then raise them with palms to the sides as if you are rowing in water. After the stroke, you must straighten up, bend your arms at the elbows and pressed against the trunk. In other words, prepare for the next stroke. When making the strokes, try to do it with force, tense hands. Do 2 sets of 20 times.
4 activity - frog up the stomach. For its implementation need to sit on the floor and operetsja on hands or elbows, legs have to pull in front of him, the heels too, and socks to deploy. Do exercise: sitting in the starting position, slowly pull the leg to itself so that a heel dragged across the floor, with socks and knees should be maximally divorced in sides. Once you've done this movement, you should straighten your legs and try to tear off feet from a floor. Then just connect them together and return to starting position. Make a frog 15 times 3 sets.
Squat with hands. Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, toes slightly divorced, hands down. Squat and simultaneously raise hands through the parties. Stand up and let go, clutching his torso. During this exercise you need to breathe correctly. On the squat - inhale, down - exhale. These squats do 3 sets 15 times.
Well, the last exercise is eight feet. I think she is known to many. Lie on your back, hands pressed against the sides. Lift your legs, raspyleniem them and begin to describe eight feet. The legs should be kept together and not hanging out in different parties. When did one figure eight, then return to starting position and start drawing her again. Do this 20 times for 2 sets. When you become easy to perform this exercise, it is possible to complicate a little, that is, to write more than 1 eight at a time, but several. Good luck!