When ordering in excess of 2000 rubles (for Moscow and Saint-Petersburg – 1000 roubles) there is free delivery in the code From there you can safely pick up. This is useful if you live in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major regional cities, for example, Ufa and Yekaterinburg. However, the points of issue of orders as stated they own the website, are available only in 61 regions of the country, so for other customers this may not be very comfortable.
This method is suitable for the inhabitants of small towns or cities where there are no points of issue of orders There is an agreement with the Russian Post (Yes, the same!), which, if the order amount exceeds 1600 rubles, land transportation at any post office free of charge. The order comes quite quickly, its movement can be tracked via the number tracker on the website of the Russian post. When he comes, you come to the post office with your passport and pick it up. The only condition is that the order must be paid in advance that is prepaid. Prepayment can be done in any convenient way. Suitable electronic money, Bank transfer and credit card.
"Ozone" are frequent promotions in which you may purchase certain goods at a discount and with free shipping. Generally to participate in the promotion, you must enter the code word. It is possible to e-mail, if you subscribe to the newsletter. Sometimes the conditions of the promotion for free delivery with need to pay some special way, for example, a particular mobile operator or through a QIWI-purse. Such actions should be tracked. Often buy them much cheaper.
Recently introduced the status for regular customers. If you want free shipping with "Ozone", you need to get one of the statuses: Silver, Gold or Platinum. To describe the conditions of their production and bonuses does not make sense, as they sometimes change. On the website of the online store is all written in detail. If you are a regular customer, you can also get information about what you still have to do to get the next status. The status can also be obtained for the shares if, for example, the order goods of a certain amount or category for some time.