Light for the body is a kind of signal for more energy. In many villages still Wake up at the crack of dawn with the roosters. And darkness, on the contrary, promotes the production of hormones of sleep. It is the hormone melatonin is responsible for the state of vigor or drowsiness.

Open the curtains, raise the blinds on the Windows. Let the bright light of the sun we will Wake.
How to cheer up at work
If you eat a lot of junk food, then digestion will be very energy-intensive and tedious for a human. Use the work light foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals). But drinking fluid is a lot. This is especially true of knowledge workers.
How to cheer up in the workplace
The fashion for "energy" overwhelmed lately is a huge part of the population of our country. The component parts of such drinks (that's caffeine, theobromine, guarana, etc.) affect the nervous system. This increases blood pressure, may cause tachycardia and nervous agitation.

The impact of the energy cocktails on the human body are still not well understood. So eat them in small quantities and with caution.
How to cheer up
Acupuncture massage can help you cheer up after a sleepless night. Impact on certain points on the body leads to optimization of energy processes in the body. To improve the vitality should be rubbed earlobes, nose or whiskey. RUB your palms against each other.
How to cheer up in the workplace
Well, remember the well-known method to myself in the morning – this is of course a strong Cup of coffee. Drink a Cup of coffee, sit in the posture coachman with his eyes closed for 10-15 minutes - and you're back in full force.
How to cheer up in the workplace