Pay attention to your diet. If your diet is dominated by sweet, starchy foods, fatty foods, meals prepared from foods, it is not surprising that at the end of the day you feel overwhelmed. Excessive use of these products leads to the violation of all physiological processes in your body, you do not get the necessary energy source.

To remedy this situation, you should enter in your diet more plant foods. Vegetables, herbs, cereals contain "slow" carbs, which are digested for a long time, thus save you from feelings of hunger and provide the body with the necessary energy. It is important to have Breakfast. One bowl of cereal will give cheerfulness for the whole day.
Should give up bad habits: alcohol, Smoking. Sometimes you can afford to drink a glass of red wine, it will be even useful. But in large amounts alcohol acts as a depressant, i.e. it does not allow to get rid of fatigue, relax, as many people think.

Smoking also has a negative impact on our state. It prevents the intake of oxygen, as a result the person feels depressed, he did not want to make unnecessary actions and movements.
Replace the TV on reading a book, or a walk. Better after a hard day to go for a walk in the Park, the Mall, to get some fresh air than lie on the couch and watch TV. During the walk you will be able to put his thoughts in order, furthermore, your body will be enriched with oxygen, and then you will sleep better. And before bed you can read an interesting book.
Work out. Active rest is a great way to recover after a working day. During class produces adrenaline, as a result of which you feel a burst of energy. Of course, after a workout, too, have fatigue, but it is enjoyable. In addition, in sports increases the level of endorphins (happiness hormones) in the blood, i.e., improving your mood.
Don't forget about the dream. The average person needs eight hours of sleep that the body recovered. Therefore, having come home in the evening, lie down to sleep early. It is better not to do some homework, to give up watching the movie, but a good night's sleep, the next day to feel good. And if you constantly stick to proper sleep, such problems as the fatigue after work, you would not exist.