School prom nightand begins with a parent meeting where parents flushed argue about the venue of the prom, the date and, of course, budget. Having dealt with the basic organizational aspects, we should consider all the details.
Prom eveningtypically consists of two parts: the official and the actual festival. The first part of the eveningand very touching and sincere teachers tell me how hard it is to say goodbye, that's what this issue was the best in the school's history, someone may cry. This part is also presentation of certificates of maturity, peppered with small theatrical program.
Having dealt with officialdom, alumni headed to the restaurant where usually the guys have fun until dawn. For the eveningthe Incas employed an instructor, who needs to think through the scenario the evening,and, contests, jokes, different quiz. For the dance part of the eveningand select the DJ that the whole evening will play rousing music on the turntables. To complement the fun on the dance floor, you can use a strobe light, smoke, bubbles, colored lights.
No need to forget about the appearance of the Banquet hall, which will be a holiday. It is possible to arrange the colored balls, ribbons, pictures of graduates, a variety of tinsel and confetti.
Prom should be memorable. Invite to the celebration of the photographer who would document on film the last moments of school life. Browsing through pictures or video from prom nightand, every child will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of warmth, fun, and carefree childhood.
Speaking about drinks and food, best on prom night to organize a Breakfast buffet is convenient and practical. Everyone can choose what he likes.