You will need
  • Bubbles, colors, preppy clothes, kite flying, money
Remember, girls are not that finicky creatures. Of course, they are capricious, harmful and so on. But, believe me, these qualities are not on the first date. You know, that girl also (maybe even more) excited to meet you and wants to surprise you with its uniqueness.
Think over the plan of the evening. Much better to go with a girl on a first date? Movie – not the best option. Because in a movie you have to sit and watch a movie. And at the first meeting it's better to talk and get to know each other. Pick an outfit for the meeting. Do not have to wear a suit, of course. Is suitable the neat jeans and a shirt.
As it is banal, but for a first date ideal meeting at a café or simply walking around the city. Don't feel bad about not found here some fresh ideas. Because the main secret to successful Dating is in the details. The girl can not appreciate the poem in her honor on the first date, of purchase vouchers for two. Rather, she will be scared of such Grand gestures. Surprise her with little things.
Any girl – romantic nature, even if trying to hide it. She will appreciate presented at the meeting of the flowers, blowing bubbles on a Sunny warm day. Can you sing her a song in karaoke, even if you do not really know how to sing. The main thing is that you decided to do it. Launch a kite in the Park, sail on a boat in the pond. All these little things will make your first date unforgettable.
Don't forget that girls appreciate acts more than words. Even if you just bring emitted outside the site the ball playing in the Park with the kids, you will receive ten points from his companion. Most importantly, show her that you're attracted not only to her but also to the world.