First, find your region or city Fund, which supports small businesses. They provide grants not register the business, obtain necessary licenses and certificates, rental of premises, purchase of raw materials for production. As a rule, to participate in such programs are not permitted entrepreneurs who are engaged in financial activities, real estate operations, leasing and rental of vehicles, equipment, production and sale of alcohol and tobacco and gambling.
Next, make a detailed business plan for the development of your small business. Attach documents that are required to participate in the contest. All the projects come to an independent examination. The criteria by which they are assessed, are the economic feasibility, scientific and technical innovation, the prospect of market sales.
In order to participate in the program, complete the training. It usually courses that are created when the Fund and are in the form of seminars. A requirement for participation in such programs is the absence of debts before budgets of all levels, including tax liabilities. The size of the Grand can be different, usually they do not exceed 300 thousand rubles and may not exceed 70% of the amount needed, according to the business plan, the development of the business.
Please note that Grand may not be issued as a whole and tranches, that is, parts. First you get a certain amount for the first phase of their project. Only after a detailed report on its use you can count on the next tranche. And remember that most of the money allocated for the development of small business in agriculture, the service sector and the creation of consumer goods. Most importantly, you should carefully consider the potential market, and even better - have formed a decent client base.