For the manufacture of the cochlea of the tyre with your hands it is better to use old worn out tire with a worn tread pattern and solid without the steel mesh. It is easier to cut out crafts, and the result of the labour get cuter.

The splint should be cut with a sharp knife or jigsaw. If for making DIY select a great tire, it is better to use the grinder. To cutting was easier, the rubber should be wetted with soapy water.

To do a snail of tyre with their hands quite simple, since you'll have to cut quite a bit.

For starters, the bus must be cut across in one place to form a solid strip of material. Next you need to draw on the lid the head and horns of the future of the cochlea and carefully cut them out.

Before coating with paint of the workpiece should be cleaned and degreased with gasoline or other solvent.

Nitro or you have to paint parts of the cochlea of the tyre with your hands. The dried billet should be rolled into shell shape, staple staples or screws. If the neck of the snail does not hold, can not secure it with metal rods.

Eyes, mouth and other small parts are better to draw after the installation of the product. The lower part of the billet to do this, cover with soil, to do a snail of tyre from a small pedestal and fasten it to the resulting substitution.