What bear dream women

If a woman dreams of a bear, soon it will have a meeting with a man. With this man she will develop a romantic relationship. For women, the bear, seen in a dream symbolizes a close male person, husband, friend, brother, son. To interpret this dream need, based on how it looks and behaves a bear. If he shows aggression, it may mean a period of disagreements and difficulties on the personal front. Perhaps you have even had a rival or secret enemy of the female sex, which is constantly trying to discredit you in the eyes of your second half.

What bear dream men

For men dreams about bears mean competition and rivalry. This beast symbolizes the tough opposition. If a bear attacks someone, then try in the near future to show restraint and not show their true emotions. You must avoid conflicts and not to take sides in the dispute. You can lose just because your competitors is, as ever, strong at the present time.

To hunt bear in the dream

This dream portends a happy event. You will be able to Woo a very influential person who will assist in the implementation of the plan by you.

What dreams polar bear

The polar bear means a person who seeks to come into your life and gain your location. If it is configured in the dream are friendly towards you, it means a kind and generous man, aggressive – this person has a secret and with you, he is insincere.

What dreams a lot of bears

This dream indicates that you are surrounded by not very nice people. You communicate with those who you respect and behind the back scheming. Often, such a dream means coworkers who will do anything just to gain favor and approval of their superiors.

In the dream, you kill the bear

This dream marked an early victory over their rivals in a tight fight, the end of a long litigation, a pleasant long-awaited news. If you see a lot of blood, then wait for unexpected news from relatives.

In the dream you see a bear in a cage

Your problem can not be resolved, they will oppress and spoil the life, but will have to accept the fact that your Affairs will not move and the problem that concerns you until you leave.

What dreams Teddy bear

You're hiding something. Eyes say one thing, and for the eyes – another. You are in the dark. If the girl in the dream the guy gives a Teddy bear, it means that he is insincere. Such a dream can symbolize inner dissatisfaction and desire to escape from all problems and tiredness and memories of how carefree and comfortable life in childhood.

What dreams skin of a bear

If you dream you touch the fur, walk on the skin, consider it, this dream is a harbinger of good luck and material profit of an emergency.