What dreams clothing

Dream interpretation clothes often happens depending on what he saw of matter and its color. So, if a woman has a dream in which she wears a satin gown, waiting for her secured life. Things of velvet portend a rich array of suitors and success in business Affairs. Clean new clothes always have to joy and health, while a dirty ragged things – to humiliation and loss. Sleep with old-fashioned clothes hints that it's time to change your surroundings.

A very good sign is a dream in which a woman wears a beaver or any other fur – it expects a rich position and good fortune.

If in the dream the woman wears black pants, in her life she will have to show a lot of patience. White pants represent the output of their misconceptions, and torn - portend aggression, anger and a nervous breakdown. Clothing with patches dream to poverty and monetary trouble. Lace clothing promises a romantic date, a corset, intrigue and secret curiosity. If the woman in the dream loses its veil, her insincerity in personal Affairs will be exposed. Socks or stockings dream to the road – short or long. To wear during sleep night shirt to fragile conjugal ties.

What dream jewelry

Decoration with a large gemstone represents great prospects and great health. If the woman in the dream, receives a gift of an expensive gold bracelet, she will be a pleasant surprise. If the band is not one – someone feels for a woman heart dependence. Beautiful sparkly beads and pearls symbolize new love. Sprinkle beads or pearls lead to separation. Golden jewelry (chain, ring, earring) in a dream portend marriage to the rich, but the prudent man. Emerald earrings dream for fun.

If in the dream a woman looking at jewelry in the window and can't buy them – in reality it expect empty pipe dreams.

According to many dream interpretation books, dream ring promises a new acquaintance, a wedding or a successful business deal. The wider and thicker the ring, the greater the likelihood of the realization of this dream to life. If the woman in the dream, tries on the crown, waiting for her recognition, fame and honor. A necklace or choker dream to admiration, compliments and fans, however, if it is firmly fastened, it can symbolize a trap or a trap in real life. If the necklace is broken, the woman soon fell out with his elect.