Advice 1: How to grow strawberries in the tires

Everyone thinks that strawberries grow in the raised beds. But, it is possible to make a pyramid with berries. In addition, you will collect their baskets, this design is very beautify the garden. Try to grow strawberries in the tires from the car or from the boards.
How to grow strawberries in the tires

Strawberries tyre: select varieties

Not all varieties are suitable for growing vertically. You need a strawberry, which does not allow mustaches, and even better if the whiskers are, but they continuously appear the buds and then the berries to the snow in the year of planting. This basket everbearing varieties. A lot of them. For Example, Rimon, Muralla, Mapengula. You can get a crop in the first year.

How to make a pyramid of tires for strawberries

First, select a well-lit place. Clear it, remove weeds and smooth the surface. Put a large wheel is better from a tractor. Cut the sidewall on one side, fill the container with soil. Working with tires is convenient with a chainsaw. On the big wheel, place another, smaller, it also cut the side. For the pyramid with strawberries you will need about 5 wheels, you can calculate their number as you like.

How to plant strawberries in the wheel

As already stated, fill the wheel with soil. Take the mixture of humus and compost. Put the socket strawberries in a circle in one row. Your pyramid of tires ready. Now take care of strawberries, watering and loosen the soil. Soon, the bushes will grow and bloom, and then appear and berries. Pyramid strawberry looks very unusual and takes little space in the garden area, which is important. One disadvantage is that such growing strawberry is only suitable for regions with mild winters. In the harsh climate of the strawberries in the wheels will have to insulate for the winter, or planted every time a new socket instead of freeze.

You can build a pyramid for strawberries not only wheels, but also from the boards. To do this, the crates are different in size. In the largest roll in the ground, place it on another box, again put the earth. So, make a pyramid. Planted the strawberries as in the wheel.

Advice 2: How to grow everbearing strawberries

Everbearing strawberries differ from the usual fact that the same plant can simultaneously be both flowers and ripe berries. Fruits in this culture all summer, which makes it especially interesting for growing in home gardens.
Everbearing strawberries bear fruit all summer
You will need
  • Seedlings, soil, fertilizer, water, watering can, film
In the fall, prepare the beds. It is better to do Grebnev method, that is, above the level of the site. At desire it is possible to isolate the beds with a wooden curb. Subsequently, it will protect against slipping of topsoil and organic fertilizers. Dig the ground to a depth of the pin shovels. Make fresh manure or humus, and 15-20 g of superphosphate to each square meter of the ground.
In early spring, about 2-3 weeks before the anticipated planting, dig the ground and scatter on the surface of about 10-13 g of nitrogenous fertilizer such as urea. Also after some time, it is recommended to spray the bed with a solution of Intaver" or other substances deterring insects. Don't worry: for the bushes, everbearing strawberries, which you will soon drop, this substance is absolutely harmless.
Buy in store "whiskers" or young bushes. Make a "mash" of equal proportions of compost and garden soil, add a little water to make smetanopodobnogo mixture. Dip it in the roots of everbearing strawberries, leave on overnight.
Set in the garden holes. It is better to place in three rows and in a staggered manner. Between the holes should be 40-50 cm. Now, when your bushes are quite small, you will be tempted to plant them more often. Don't do it. Very soon they will grow, they will be closely. Dense plantation will lead to the shading, the berries will not ripen, the plant can hit the rot. To prevent such misfortunes, planted everbearing strawberries at intervals of about half a meter.
Transfer the seedlings in the holes so that the "core" - the place from which grow the leaves that remained above ground level. It in no event it is impossible to bury. After planting, be sure to pour and cover with plastic wrap. The film will protect everbearing strawberries from drying out and possible spring frosts. In early June, the film can be removed. Carefully proryhlit the soil around the bushes and make a liquid fertilizer solution of potassium nitrate, using 1-3 g of substance per liter of water.
Tear off all the flowers that bloom in the first year. This will free up the reserve of nutrients that will strengthen and Bush overgrowth. From the second year everbearing strawberries will bear fruit from June to September. Just do not forget about farming practices and cover the plants from early may with a protective film.
Useful advice
Remontant strawberries reproduce through "antennae" and division of the bushes. Propagation via seed requires much more time and is not always justified;

To grow a good crop of everbearing strawberries is possible if you follow the correct agricultural techniques. Watering and feeding should be moderate, and tillage and weeding – to be carried out in a timely manner.

Advice 3: How to collect strawberries in Finland

According to official statistics, every year for seasonal work in Finland sent about 15 thousand temporary workers from around the world. The people in former Soviet countries is seen as the most attractive collection of berries. This kind of temporary work is most profitable and requires no special training.
How to collect strawberries in Finland
Citizens of foreign countries who arrive to Finland for seasonal work, you do not need a residence permit or a residence permit if they reside in the country for more than 90 days. In this case, foreigners need only to obtain a regular visa at the Consulate of Finland. The visa can be issued three months before the expected arrival in the country. For registration, besides the standard documents, you will need a job offer from the Finnish side.

What you need to know about picking strawberries?

Strawberry in Finland is going on special farms. It's quite hard work, but he is well-paid. Besides, does not require any special skills. The average monthly salary may be around 3 thousand Euro. It varies depending on the generation. As this kind of earnings is difficult to entice the local population, farmers are happy to accept workers from other countries for the collection of strawberries. In addition to strawberry plantations in Finland developed plantations of raspberries. Very often they are planted nearby. The most widespread berry plantations got near the town of Suonenjoki is located in the Central part of the country.

When to go to work?

The season of gathering of berries begins in may with the planting of seedlings and ceases in September with the clearing and preparation of the plantation for the winter period. Strawberries can be collected from early June to late July. After picking strawberries, most of the workers left to pick the peas raspberries, wild berries and mushrooms.

How to get a job?

To obtain a job in Finland can be anyone. It is necessary to leave the application on the website of the Ministry of labour of Finland or on private job sites. The application must be filed in the Finnish language. Language skills are not required for this. To complete the form will be sufficient to use a standard translator built into the browser. To get to Finland, both independently and with the help of shipping companies that organize group trips of workers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

Work schedule

Working day collector strawberry starts in the early morning. Early in the season, when the farms of berries is not enough, it can last 4-5 hours. In high season the working day lasts 9-10 hours, sometimes up to 11 hours. The duration of the working day and the number of output is set by the owner of the farm.

Weather does not affect the collection of berries. Collectors have to work in rain and heat. The berries are collected in baskets. The average weight of a full basket is 2.5-3 kgs. After the employee collects 2-3 of the basket, he carries them to the berries.
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