Strawberries tyre: select varieties

Not all varieties are suitable for growing vertically. You need a strawberry, which does not allow mustaches, and even better if the whiskers are, but they continuously appear the buds and then the berries to the snow in the year of planting. This basket everbearing varieties. A lot of them. For Example, Rimon, Muralla, Mapengula. You can get a crop in the first year.

How to make a pyramid of tires for strawberries

First, select a well-lit place. Clear it, remove weeds and smooth the surface. Put a large wheel is better from a tractor. Cut the sidewall on one side, fill the container with soil. Working with tires is convenient with a chainsaw. On the big wheel, place another, smaller, it also cut the side. For the pyramid with strawberries you will need about 5 wheels, you can calculate their number as you like.

How to plant strawberries in the wheel

As already stated, fill the wheel with soil. Take the mixture of humus and compost. Put the socket strawberries in a circle in one row. Your pyramid of tires ready. Now take care of strawberries, watering and loosen the soil. Soon, the bushes will grow and bloom, and then appear and berries. Pyramid strawberry looks very unusual and takes little space in the garden area, which is important. One disadvantage is that such growing strawberry is only suitable for regions with mild winters. In the harsh climate of the strawberries in the wheels will have to insulate for the winter, or planted every time a new socket instead of freeze.

You can build a pyramid for strawberries not only wheels, but also from the boards. To do this, the crates are different in size. In the largest roll in the ground, place it on another box, again put the earth. So, make a pyramid. Planted the strawberries as in the wheel.