Make sure you have a valid credit card VISA or MasterCard before proceeding to the recharge of MTS. Go to make a payment with the card on the company website: Enter your phone number in the top field. While it is possible to pay not only one but multiple telephone numbers, select the appropriate item. Write down a sum in rubles, which you want to Deposit and select your card type for payment. Remember that the minimum payment is 100 rubles. Click "Next".
Enter your payment details to recharge MTS the Bank card. Enter the card number and the month and year of expiration. Latin characters, write your name and surname in designated fields. Enter the security code CVV2/CVC2 (last 3 digits on the back of your card). Select your country and a valid e-mail. Check the entered data and press "Pay". So you will be able to recharge MTS the Bank card without a fee.
Put the money into the account of MTS using any ATM that accepts VISA or MasterCard. Locate the menu item that displays a list of available services for payment and click "Recharge mobile" phone. Next, you will only need to enter the amount for payment and security PIN.
Wait till the alarm SMS after the Deposit. It usually comes through a few seconds or minutes after the transaction. If this has not happened, and the money is not credited to your account, please contact the nearest office of MTS to determine the problem. If you make a payment through ATM, be sure to take a check.