You will need
  • - Bank card;
  • - virtual wallet;

Sign up in WebMoney and you will get a personal virtual wallet. Download and install Keeper. Run it on your personal computer. In the dialog that appears select the tab "My WebMoney". In the list click on "Mobile communications". Find the name of your mobile operator and click on its name.In the next menu, enter your phone number without eight and enter the amount you wish to top up the balance (you can pay from 10 to 15000 roubles). Click "Pay".In the new window click on the icon "WebMoney Keeper Classic" and click "Next".Enter the code-confirmation and proceed to the next step. Make sure that all information is correct and confirm payment.

Go to "Universal financial system" ( your Bank card in the system.Accepted for payment cards of international systems Visa and MasterCard. After you register will check the entered Bank data. Login to your personal account and add a mobile number, the balance of which you want to fill. Click "Pay". In the window that appears, enter the amount and enter the credit card number. It's in the system is not saved for security purposes and therefore must be entered each time again. Check the data and confirm payment. The funds will be credited to the account within 10 minutes.

Log in to the system "Yandex.Money" ( You will be given a personal virtual wallet. Click on the link"Pay". In the left part of the window, select "Mobile communications". When prompted, enter the mobile phone number no 8 and the name of the payment. Click on the button"Pay". The money will be debited from the virtual account and transferred to the balance of your phone.