You will need
  • Bank card, Internet, mobile phone.
The easiest way to recharge mobile phone balance from the Bank card ATM. To transfer funds to the account of your room, use the nearest ATM. After you enter the pin code of your card, select the terminal menu item "Payment for services". The following window appears where you must enter the menu "Cellular communication". Selecting the desired operator, enter the amount you wish to transfer and complete the transfer of funds. If the card has enough money, the funds will be deposited into your account within one minute.
If you use Internet banking, you to recharge your cell phone you will not have to leave home. In the personal Cabinet of electronic Bank select menu, enabling transfers of funds to accounts of mobile operators. Select desired operator and enter the number to which you want to transfer funds. As in the case of top-up via ATM, the funds will be credited to the balance of the phone.
You can also set up an automatic money transfer with your Bank card on the phone. About these possibilities, you need to consult with a customer service representative of your mobile operator. The principle of service is as follows: as soon as your phone balance is close to zero, with Bank cards in automatic mode, is charged with the amount specified by you in the personal Cabinet of electronic banking. In the future, this amount will be transferred to the account of your mobile phone.