You will need
  • Cash amount that you wish to transfer.
If you want to add money to your phone directly in the office of MTS, please contact the cashier of the nearest of them. Give the cashier the phone number with prefix (first three digits if the number is not local, and Federal), the payment amount, and give cash.

The funds will be instantly credited to your account without a fee.
When the office of your mobile operator is not around, the alternative may be any connection that accepts cash for Deposit. The fee for this is usually not taken.

Tell the cashier your operator (in this case MTS) in the phone number with a prefix or without, if city direct (city code may be necessary when the balance is replenished outside the home region), the amount you would like to enroll on the phone, and give him the money.

Save the receipt till the receipt of funds in the account. This usually occurs within minutes but can be delayed for technical reasons. In this case, you will likely warn that the money will come later.
You can top up balance by using payment cards. These cards are sold in the salons of cellular communication, MTS, kiosks, various shops.

However, the store can sell them slightly more expensive than face value.

Follow the instructions on the map. You need to erase the protective layer and to enter the underneath code surrounded by the symbols (asterisk, grid, etc.), then click on call. Or type specified for the map room and follow the instructions of autoinformer.

The money is usually transferred to your account instantly.
Another way to recharge MTS phone are the instant payment terminals. To use this option, select the touch menu on the screen the option "Payment of services".

Generally, MTS will be among the operators offered immediately after the transition to the next level. If it is not there, go to the level of cellular communication.

Enter in the field provided your phone number, confirm that it is correct and insert the money in cuproprotein. Then again check the number and the amount, if you agree, give the command for payment. Keep the receipt until the receipt of the money to the account (usually MTS informs about this via SMS).