You will need
  • - medical diagnostics;
  • orthopedic bandage;
  • - anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and / or complex products;
  • - therapeutic application;
  • - heat compresses;
  • - physiotherapeutic procedures;
  • - manual therapy;
  • - therapeutic exercise.
Describe your feelings to a doctor. Usually the inflammation of the sciatic nerve signals shooting pain in the sacrum, which goes to the back of the thigh and sometimes reaches the foot. May experience some tingling ("goosebumps") and a burning sensation in one lower limb (rarely two); numbness and muscle weakness. The pain symptoms are aggravated by walking or (and) in the sitting position; it is difficult to raise the straightened leg and turn the foot inwards. To identify these or other signs of neuritis will help the doctor.
Complete professional diagnostics to find the cause of the sciatica. Most often, pain arises due to problems with the spine – the nerve affected is displaced or deformed disc. For further diagnosis you may be referred for x-rays of the spine, computed or magnetic resonance tomography or other medical research.
Perform complex medical procedures, which prescribe the neurologist. First of all it is necessary to remove an acute pain and inflammation. When attack of neuralgia, physicians recommend less to move, not to lift heavy objects and sleep on a flat hard surface. When walking lower back should tighten the orthopedic brace.
Use special prescription anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics. This is a different type rubbing "Finalgon", "Fastum Gel", "Ketonal" and other or (in more severe cases) courses of injections and blockades - for example, diclofenac sodium.
Try make application with therapeutic drugs. Sciatica sometimes prescribed mixture of Dimexidum and novocaine in equal parts. Medicine soak the cloth and apply on the problem area; cover with polythene and a towel. Usually enough for 10-15 half-hour treatments.
Ask your doctor for advice - maybe he'll approve of some people's means of dealing with neuritis of the sciatic nerve. If there are no contraindications, use healing bee products. One of the more popular recipes: melt 10 g of crushed propolis in a water bath; mix a viscous mass with butter (90 g); hold all on the heat for 15 minutes and filter ready 10% propolis oil through cheesecloth.
Separately melt the wax. Lubricate the patient's lower back with warm oil with propolis, then apply hot wax layer. Cover everything with plastic and a wool blanket. Hold the compress to cool down. Do not forget that these heat treatments must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor.
Go physical therapy at the clinic - this will reduce the number of used drugs. In the treatment of an inflamed sciatic nerve, well help of ultrasound, current, magnetic field - in a word, the active, irritating effects on the sacral region. So, electroneurostimulation acts on different areas of the skin defined currents, causing the pain quickly stopped.
After removal of acute inflammation cannot be considered as a neuralgia problem solved. Necessary to cure the main disease. Many diseases of the back associated with decrease in the distance between the vertebrae, so you can be assigned to stretching of the spine. You need to regularly hang on the bar or the wall bars or to undergo treatment on agravitational install.
Back problems are solved using manual therapy and therapeutic exercises. Usually vertebrologists, neurologists allow these measures with caution in the presence of all necessary studies. Find an experienced manual with a rich history of healing patients with a diagnosis of "sciatica" and only then proceed to the active treatment interventions.