Find a gym in Moscow, where you can play volleyball, and team volleyball players and even the volleyball coach is very simple. Go to the website of Amateur volleyball League go to the forum in the section "Rooms" and you will see a lot of ads for gyms and times for lessons or just playing volleyball at the Amateur level. You can join as teams of high-level play, and to find classes in volleyball for the beginner level trainer.

Lessons can be paid or free. Even if the game is played without a coach, you have to rent the gym, so in most cases because it is fun to play volleyball will have to pay.

In Amateur volleyball come play people of all ages regardless of level of training. The games are held in warm friendly atmosphere. volleyball combines different types of loads, this is one of the most dynamic and beautiful games.

To learn how to play volleyball, you need to constantly attend trainings. Consistency is the main key to success in any sport. Aiming for a specific result in volleyball, you need to set yourself a clear goal and systematically, step by step to achieve it. Learn not only from their mistakes but also others'. Look at their teammates and opponents. Analyze what they do right and wrong and try not to repeat their mistakes. A second important component after the consistency is concentration. Concentrate on the game, on my team for volleyball ball, forget during games and training all the problems.

Volleyball is not only good for physical health, but also a great opportunity to communicate, because the training can attend people of any age, regardless of gender. Volleyball not only for the sake of high results in sports, but just for fun, because the classes are having a positive impact on posture, improve endurance and strength the body, improve coordination of movements.Volleyball, like many other sports, allows you to develop important personal qualities such as the desire to win, ability to work in a team, self-confidence and the ability to maintain composure, speed and decisiveness in decision-making.