If you haven't already give a preference to one of the Moscow bowling-club, then take a look at the sites the location nearest you. Or choose the one that is located near a metro station. In that case, if you just want to spend the time to roll the balls, you can use any of the equipment tracks everywhere practically the same. It is desirable, of course, that you phoned in advance and booked the track for some time.
If your program includes get-togethers with friends and for more entertainment, like Billiards, it makes sense to look at special sites and choose the club that can provide you with all of this. On our website you will find descriptions not only of the paths and their costs, but also the menu of the restaurant at the club. Good opportunities are provided for such activities bowling "Scooter", located in Lefortovo, near the metro station "Baumanskaya". Besides bowling, you can play Billiards, sing karaoke, restaurant, bar, winter garden, beach area.
Gathering the whole family to go bowling in Moscow, check with the club whether they have a children's track. Well, if you will additionally be able to order it and a children's instructor who will teach your kids the basics of this fascinating game. Select for a hike with the kids the daytime, when visitors are not very many, will not be so smoky, and you'll definitely be able to order a track for less money. In the same "Scooter" have the opportunity to play bowling and children. In addition they offer entertainment room and a games room. Children's track available, for example, in clubs located near the city centre. This "Airplane", "Scarlet sails", "bow Ball."
For outdoor enthusiasts, we can recommend the choice of a large sports centre, which will be not only bowling, but also a fitness club, gym, swimming pool. In this center you will be able to spend time from morning to evening. Large fitness center with a bowling alley for adults and children, a bar, a pool complex, sauna and massage parlours "Sport line Club" is a 5-minute walk from Paveletskaya subway station, St. Kozhevnicheskaya.
Before you opt for some club, I suggest you ring a few places and ask about the cost of track and possible discounts. In some bowling alleys in the track order on a certain amount of time you can get not only a discount but also a free delicious pizza, for example. The same discounts you can get if you pre-order multiple tracks for a large company. The bowling place to celebrate a birthday or a corporate party. All clubs are happy to accept such an application.