How to secretly learn about their virginity

At first, try to understand, innocent girl, not asking her questions about it. For example, notice how she behaves in communication. If a girl talks awkward, is shy, flinches when you touch her, and she avoids tactile contact, it can talk about her little experience with men. Girls who have already had sexual intercourse, often more relaxed, communicate with men more confident in their gaze expresses interest, how will their companion on. However, the behavior and traits is not always possible to determine exactly a virgin before you or not.

Try to gently steer the conversation to topics of an intimate nature. Ask girlswhat type of men she likes and why. Also ask about the appearance and complexion of the opposite sex that attract her. The girls with sexual experience, usually already formed an idea about their ideal type of men. If the girl isn't sexually active, she can argue that the appearance of a man not playing for her big role. However, this method of determine exciting you issue is not always accurate.

An open conversation

Ask what kind of relationship the girl was, and how long she met with this or that man. Often, the girl immediately responds that her past relationships lasted a year or more. In this case, most likely, can be clearly concluded that she has sexual experience. The innocent girls often avoid talking about previous relationships or tell an invented story.

If you already know a girl and freely communicate on any topic, ask what men are attracted to her sexually, and how important it all sex. Most likely, the virgin put the question to a standstill, and she will either have to admit his innocence, or try to "get away" and to lie to you.

With a good and reliable relationship with a girl you can try to ask the girl directly whether she is a virgin or not. Most likely, if so, she was expecting this question and will tell you the truth, especially when experiencing feelings of love. And, of course, if you spend together a romantic evening and things are moving toward sex, be sure to ask the girl directly whether she is a virgin or not, because in the heat of the moment she can seize the moment and not to talk about it, not knowing what it may lead to consequences.