The first step in learning to play the guitar is the choice of tool. There are six-string and seven-string guitar: the choice is better to stop at the first option, that the six-string guitar is the most popular and common. As for the quality of the tool, it's simple – the higher it is, the better.

The guitar you have in hand, decide what style of play you want to learn. It was one thing to "strum" the guitar with the force of striking the strings, and quite another – really nice to be able to play. If in the first case, it is sufficient to know certain chords, then the second option will require a deep knowledge of music theory. In particular, it is necessary to understand the basic terms to know what lad, gamma, octave, musical structure, etc.

Of course, not do without musical notation. The criterion of mastering it is simple – you should not just know how to take this or that note, but to be able to read music in standard notation. Just imagine: you take notes, look at them – and hear in mind the notes on the music. Without knowing the notes, you will be able to pick up music by ear, which is very inconvenient and unlikely to allow you to truly learn how to play. Thus, the theory of music and musical notation is one of the first things to start learning the art of playing the guitar.

Theory is nothing without practice, so from the first steps you can start the practical development of the art of playing the guitar. To do this you need songs with notes for guitar. Find it learning the lyrics, the melody in them is given in its simplest form. But it's enough that you can't just memorize the sheet music but learn to perform guitar simple music.

From the very beginning, pay attention to proper technique, all the necessary detailed instructions can be found in the manuals on how to play the guitar. Do not play me wrong just because you are so "comfortable" in the future will be very difficult to unlearn.

Find samples of guitar that you would like to emulate. In particular, note the performance of the famous Spanish guitarists, the corresponding videos can be found on the Internet. Copy all you like – game style, her style. And remember to copy good never be ashamed. In addition, you will definitely make someone else's equipment something.

The most important when learning to play the guitar is hard work and regularity. Learning in fits and starts, from time to time, you will not be able to achieve a good result. It is the constancy and love of music are the key to success.