What determines the cost of the skateboard

Board price can vary on average from 500 to 10,000 R. R. first and foremost, it depends on the quality of the materials used, and the second from the manufacturer. On the brand in some cases, you can save money, but buying a cheap Board, knowing that it will be unsafe, unreliable and short-lived, bad idea.
There are companies that specializiruetsya in the production of inexpensive but high-quality skateboards for beginners. Precise information from the seller or experienced professionals, so as not to make the wrong choice.

The higher the quality of the boards, the more expensive it is, but the more reliable it is. Suspension and wheels will also affect the cost of the product. Defective items bring down the balance and not allow you to get a good grip, so they make skateboard unsafe.

Another detail that makes the price of the skateboard is the bearings. Cheap bearings wear out quickly, and eventually the Board had to change just a few weeks after purchase. Expensive items last much longer, however, if you plan to perform complex tricks, you should be prepared for the fact that they will fail prematurely.

How much are the skateboards for beginners and professionals

The cheap kids skateboards are worth an average of about 500-1000 p Model for teenagers have a higher price – about 1000-1500 p. note that we are talking about products for beginners who after a while will need to change to a more "advanced" model.
Pay attention to promotions, discounts and sales to cheap to buy a quality skateboard. Also don't forget to compare prices at different stores.

The skateboards of middle level capable of relatively high speed and which have good adhesion to the surface are on average about 3000-5000 p. They are suited to perform many tricks, so they often used by enthusiasts who have already learned a good ride, but not yet ready to move to the professional models. The price of such products also depends on the brand and design.

Finally, the cost of skateboards, made of high quality materials and have excellent characteristics, reaches 7000-10000 R. These models are designed for professionals. The stores are also more expensive products from world famous brands. They give preference to people who often ride and perform complex tricks and so need a really reliable and comfortable equipment.