Make a professional portfolio that will help you qualify in the model school. Be sure to include as many quality photos. However, try to be photographed in growth in order to demonstrate all the advantages of the figure. Also make a few portraits to show your penetrating look, beautiful skin and sensual lips.
Make your portfolio as diverse as possible. This can include, in addition to color, black and white photography. It should also be photographed not only in the Studio but in various other decorations. Always try to portray different poses, facial expression and choose interesting costumes for photo shoots.
Follow model schools in your city. Periodically they conduct the courses reported on the official website. In this case you should immediately send a letter of application to participate at the stated address, attaching a portfolio with photographs and information about themselves.
Wait for a response from the model school or visit it yourself. Be very careful, read the reviews from the already completed the course models. Find out who is teaching, what do I need, what is the cost of training, and also what are the institution's communications. Very well, if a selected school has partnered with a professional modeling Agency, in this case, you will have good chances to succeed in the future as a model.
Take part in the competitive selection for training in the model school. Priority the chances of its passage - the girls with good looks in age from 12 to 18 years, growth from 170 cm and parameters (chest, waist, hips), very close to the values 90-60-90 cm candidates usually interview and that it can help you stand out among a large number of competitors with attractive appearance, figure and rich portfolio.
Prepare for the interview. Select the clothes that in your opinion look best. Do not overdo the makeup, not to look too "cute". Prior to the meeting, the members of the selection Committee, most likely, will already be familiar with your portfolio, so be prepared to answer their questions. Very often the selection jury asks candidates to talk about themselves and why they chose to become models. You will have the chance to Shine before the Commission and make a positive impression if you decide in advance how best to build your story.
Start with the fact that you are a very versatile girl. Would be great if you tell us what success you have achieved in academics, sports and other spheres of life (you could even demonstrate their certificates and other awards, if any). Next, you can inform the admissions Committee that your next height you want to achieve is modeling, and you really want to succeed in it, perhaps even to associate with him his life. All this will significantly increase your chances to "Shine" compared to other candidates that do not have high intelligence.