You will need
  • In order to get into a modeling Agency, you need perseverance and a perfect portfolio.
The first step for any model should be compiling a professional portfolio. The more pictures it will be better, however in the beginning you can stay for ten.

If you have a great shape, try to picture growth, by showing all the advantages. Owners beautiful skin or memorable eyes and lips it's better to do more portraits. Make sure that your portfolio was not only colored but also black-and-white photograph.

Be sure to take pictures not only in the Studio, but also in other decorations. Change your posture, facial expressions and clothing.
Some modeling agencies hold periodic sets of models. So you need to constantly monitor their websites and time to submit applications. Please remember that most of the famous modeling agencies are abroad, so it is better to attend to the study of foreign languages.
Contact modeling agencies in your city. Be extremely careful, read the reviews and contract. If a modeling Agency is really interested in you, it can even take on all the costs of your training.

If you receive a denial, don't despair. Complete training in the model school, participate in the urban beauty contest or put their pictures on special websites on the Internet. Sooner or later you will definitely notice.