Before casting

Before casting you need to get some sleep. Clothes, shoes and makeup to choose, based on the orientation of the project. As a rule, representatives of the modeling Agency reported, in what style to dress. If such information is not received, then you can ask about what tasks to complete the project. This interest will attract attention to you and help you earn the first plus.

In that case, if the project has a General orientation, the clothes you have to choose your own. Put on sufficiently tight, but not provocative outfit. The usual skinny jeans and slim t-shirt is fine: they figure will open, and will not cause negative emotions. Makeup should also choose a neutral: a little powder, a little blush, light lip gloss. Remember that modeling agencies do not choose your cosmetics and you. That "draw" then on your face, they will come up with.

How to behave on a casting

The selection process begins at the moment when the professionals of the modeling agencies pick up the phone to answer your call. On the phone speak quietly, confidently, concerned. Your behavior prior to the event may be critical, therefore, to miss the selection can not in any case. If the casting does not start immediately, wait how much is necessary, together with other models. Do not try to start a fight in the lobby: there may be emissaries of the Agency.

Before you go into a room for interviews, please turn off your cell phone. Are you here as applicant for the job, and in this moment for you may not be human is more important than your future employer. Talking on the phone during the casting can kill interest to you and to nullify your chances of passing selection.

Answer all questions honestly. Tell us about your aspirations, about what you can and want to learn, and willing to do everything in order to participate in the project. If the experience is there, detail when and what projects you worked on.


Every self-respecting model must have in the Arsenal portfolio – a set of photos. Photography is the first thing that hits the table representatives of a modeling Agency, so to create a portfolio needs to be taken very seriously. If you are planning a career in modeling, contact a professional photographer and order a full photo shoot.

The portfolio should include a few photos. Be sure to take a picture of my serious face: close up with minimal makeup and removed in tail hair. Also armed with a photo of his smiling face with evening make-up, the image in a full-length swimsuit portrait in casual clothes and photos in evening dress.