Learning drawing is impossible without books on painting and drawing. Find the suitable books available explaining in detail drawing techniques and characteristics of various painting materials. You will also need books on color theory, composition, anatomy and many other Sciences that will allow you to learn how to draw and to feel drawing.
Learning outcomes will be more effective and fast, if you except the self-will to take lessons from a private teacher in drawing. An experienced teacher can correct your mistakes, to indicate in which direction to move, and helps faster and better to absorb a number of points that you will much longer to learn independently from books.
Before you will learn to draw objects, taken from his own imagination, learn to draw from. The more you practice drawing from life – the faster you will improve your skill. Draw as many manifestations of the world around you – still lifes, landscapes, people and animals – all this improves drawing skill.
In order to be able to sketch any composition, carry a sketch notebook or album, and also pencils of different hardness and an eraser. Constantly sketch, learn to draw three-dimensional, adding light and shadow, detail image, keeping perspective and proportion.
Draw various materials used in the chart and in the painting – it will help you to feel the difference between paint and graphic materials (pastel, sanguine, charcoal), and will help you understand which pictures are more suitable for certain materials.
Try to sketch some objects from memory, adding some details from his own imagination. Look at works of art created by famous artists, they draw inspiration and gradually create your own unique style.