You will need
  • 1. Transparent film (multipara)or tracing.
  • 2. Line.
  • 3. A simple pencil.
  • 4. A blank sheet of paper for your drawing.
  • 5. An original drawing.
Raschertite transparent film (tracing paper) to make a grid of cells. The more fine and complex elements contains an original drawing, the smaller should be the cells. Optimal cell size 2x2 cm
Apply already lined the film on the original and move the picture. To draw on the tape with a pencil difficult. It is better to use a thin marker alcohol-based. It dries fast and won't smear on the film accidental hand movement. Your template is ready.
The next step is raschertite a sheet of white paper with a grid of squares. It should be the same size as on the template. If you need to increase the scale of the drawing, increase the size of the grid on the worksheet, observing the ratio. If you are afraid to get entangled in the net, proamerica its horizontal and vertical numbers and letters, as in the game battleship.
Now carefully copy the position of the lines in the cells on your original sheet. Better to start with the edges and a large (main) lines, gradually moving to more careful examination. The image may be slightly angular, so after copying is complete, correct smooth lines and edges in the figure.
After application of the linear pattern it is time to move to the hatching. You should start with light tones. Turning to the shadows and the dark parts, use a soft pencil (marked B). Try to apply the finishing touches in the form of the object, emphasizing the curves, it adds volume and realism to the picture.