You will need
  • - new heater radiator;
  • - new connections;
  • - a set of tools;
  • - cotton gloves.
Select the location in which you will be able to replace the radiator. Best for this procedure perfect garage. If not, then you can put the car under any canopy, so rain was a roof.
Disconnect the "minus" terminal from the battery of the Volga, to prevent the occurrence of short circuit in the onboard power supply system of the vehicle.
There are two ways to replace the radiator. The first is the most time consuming, but allows you to gain full access to the heater radiator and all the pipes.
Remove the torpedo. To do this, remove all lining and removable parts. Disconnect the steering wheel cover. Carefully disconnect wires of a sound signal, remove the nuts holding the housing of the adjusting mechanism, and remove the housing.
Locate the nut that holds the wheel to the steering shaft, and remove. Remove the steering wheel. Disassemble the paddle shifters. Locate all the screws holding the torpedo. Unscrew them.
Gently pull the torpedo, disabling pre-pad all wires from the back side. Under the right side to find cover, under which is a heater radiator. Remove it by unscrewing all the bolts.
Carefully disconnect all hoses and pipes attached to the radiator. Carefully inspect them. Broken and unusable, replace a new one. Remove the old radiator. Install the new and plug all hoses.
Assemble and install the torpedo in reverse order.
The second method does not require a complete dismantling of the torpedoes, but does not give full access to all ports. In this case you replace the radiator, but will not be able to check the integrity of all connections.
Remove the glove box lid and the box. Remove the shelf, which is located under the glove box. Also, for a more comfortable Dismounting can be removed from the rails of the front passenger seat.
Remove the lower screws that hold the torpedo. Gently fold the bottom left of the front panel. It is best to perform this procedure together, one man could bend a torpedo, and the second run with the heater radiator.
While your partner holds the torpedo, carefully disconnect all hoses from the radiator. Remove the bolts that secure it. Remove the old radiator and install in its place a new one. Connect all the pipes in the reverse order.
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