You will need
  • Computer;
  • program emulation disk Alcohol 120%.
Download the necessary disk image from the Internet, or create from existing disk to install the game with using Alcohol 120%. You must download and install the program itself. Follow the link to official website, select Download trial, wait for the download.
Install the program on your computer. To install the game on a computer without a drive through Alcohol, you will need to create a disk image. Then created or downloaded, you need to pass either by email, or to fill in for file sharing, or copy on a flash drive.
Run Alcohol 120% with the help of the shortcut on the Desktop or the quick launch bar. In the menu "Basic operation" go to "imaging" in the window that appears, select the drive containing the game disc, select the speed of reading the disc, press the start button. After finished creating the image, select the storage location. Copy this image to the computer where you want to install the game with the help of Alcohol.
Run Alcohol 120% on the computer where you want to install games from image. Create a virtual drive, to do this, click "Settings" – "Virtual disk" and set the number of drives. Click "OK". Next, navigate to "Basic operation", then the command "Search images". In the opened window at the top click the arrow and select the folder containing the disk image.
Then click "Add selected". Return to the main window of the program-it has added. Click the right mouse button and from the shortcut menu, select "Mount on device". Then go to "My computer", open the mounted disk and start the installation process of the game.