Depending on the purpose of visiting the garden, it is necessary to designate areas of the site. If the cottager concerned about planting and harvesting, caring for a garden, this part of the site needs to be as improved. The land for the cultivation of vegetables or fruit should be well plowed, fertilized. The beds should be readily available and have a certain structure. If necessary, you can build a greenhouse. The land on which is situated the country house, vegetable garden, garden, courtyard in the first place should be clean and well-groomed. Trash, unnecessary items should not clog the suburban area. It is very important to make to the house you can easily walk or drive. You need to lay the track to the gate, which can be made from concrete tiles or quarry stone. The appearance of the garden largely depends on the fence that protects her. The design of the fence should be in harmony with the home design. The transparency of the fence depends on the place where the cottage is located. If it goes past a lot of people or is near the road, the fence usually made from solid heavy materials: concrete, stone, brick. In this case, the height of the fence must not small, what would the courtyard was hidden from prying eyes. If the cottage is in a secluded spot, the fence can be more transparent or be a living fence. The land in the country should be fertile, and for this it is necessary to fertilize and the need to dry or irrigated. Landscape design requires a lot of attention and gardening skills. Decorate the site ornamental plants and trees, flowers, stones. Greens will make the country more lively, and the hosts will give pleasure from the recreation. Artificial ponds will make your stay at the cottage more enjoyable. A small pool will save you from the summer heat and fish pond or water colors will decorate the suburban area. The house is located in a country house, built in accordance with the wishes of the owners. If the summer resident is resting and running a long time, and not only in spring and summer, it is logical to secure the construction of warm houses with durable materials. But if a holiday cottage is seasonal, that you can do and summer house of wood. The owners equip their giving according to their abilities and wishes. But we should not forget that after all it is a place designed for relaxation, being close to nature and therefore, the cottage should be warm and comfortable area for a pleasant stay.