The services of a specialist in landscape design are very popular today, despite their high cost. However, a lot of people feel the strength and the desire to create your vacation the world on their own. In this case, you should study the information available today, to stock up on the necessary tools and time to allocate funds and to begin to realize his dream.

Plan design

For best result, experts and experienced homeowners are advised prior to construction works to prepare the site plan, which will be designated residential, green areas, and recreation areas. It is important to decide on a place for house on the site. It should be located on the North side, so on Sunny days it is less shaded light-loving plants. Outbuildings wiser to plan close to home. Garage or car is the most convenient place near the road. The area may include a gazebo, water feature, children's and sports grounds.

By planning everything, you need to imagine how will be arranged in a communication to all objects. Then taking into account climate, soil and plan the garden area.

Landscaping suburban area starts to build a house and other buildings with drainage systems, construction of all utilities and fencing the area. At the end of construction works it is necessary to remove from the site all rubbish. And then you can proceed directly to the landscape design.

Useful stuff

Arrangement of lawns today is greatly facilitated by the rolling lawns. Getting started planting the garden and ornamental trees and shrubs, it is necessary to consider how the combination of different types of trees. Feel free to spy how it works neighbors: when harsh winter climate would be useful to know how snow falls, what breed freeze, where the leeward side and other nuances.

Competent approach to the organization of flower beds and flower beds will provide an opportunity to admire the blooming plants in the landscape from spring to late autumn. Armed with albums and photos sites professional gardeners, they will help you to determine the volume of landings, growth selection of colors, there you will be able to borrow tried and tested options for vertical landscaping suburban areas.
Do not forget about the correct and tastefully chosen lighting plot: use artificial lighting and garden lights with solar panels. Look spectacular lights in the form of birds and butterflies.

The highlight of the country will give the additional decorative elements such as small ponds, fountains, statues, and walkways from natural and artificial stones.