Start with the entrance to the house. To unload the front, build a porch or veranda. Here you can leave dirty shoes and garden tools. Wrap porch under the roof will protect it from the rain. You can also place a bench for rest.
Evaluate the capabilities of existing suburban homes. If it consists of more than one room, equip it in the kitchen or at least kitchen area. Place a table with chairs and cupboard, equip your kitchen with appliances. The hot plate and the refrigerator will greatly facilitate the life of the country.
Arrange in the house the sanitary room. If the property is supplied with water and provided with a competent drain, equip the shower. A water heater can provide a flow of hot water to the kitchen and in the shower. You can also put the washing machine and dry toilets. These items will make the house more comfortable.
Select the shared room in the house. Perhaps she will unite with kitchen and represent a large dining room where the family can spend time together.
Organize the bedroom – this will provide relaxation in a country environment. If the family is large, take care of the decent residential place for everyone. It is not necessary to take the old broken sofas with sagging mattresses: furniture can be fairly simple, but with good mattress.
Consider heating system your house. It can be the warmth of the stove or fireplace can be water heating, or a common household heaters. Observe fire safety rules in the organization of the power system at home.
Equip Windows and doors with mosquito nets.