Advice 1: How to equip a suburban area

To equip your plot is not a simple matter. Some gardeners hire professionals, offering them their ideas. And the rest of the professionals will make themselves. They will build, and hold, and connect. However, the second, accustomed to do everything with their own hands, prefer to build your site on their own. If you belong to the second category of truckers, then this article is for you. Follow some rules for the arrangement of a suburban area, then you will succeed.
Well and tastefully furnished area - the key to the comfort of its inhabitants
Design. Do not clean your parcel from the old tree immediately, leave the largest of them intact. So your work will move faster and more efficiently. In the project, you should take into account the boundaries of the site, abutting streets, contours and location of existing buildings, the entries in your area of water, gas, underground utilities. Leave intact green spaces. Further, on the basis of this relief is already available, distribute all the planned buildings at the site.
Be sure to create a project area based on the topography of melasti
Take care of the drainage system. The simplest and cheapest is an open drain. To do it, you need to dig around the perimeter of the site drainage ditch with dimensions of 0.5 m width and 0.6 m depth. Bevel the walls of the ditch at an angle of about 40 degrees. The water from these ditches is usually in the gutter that is common to multiple plots. The open drainage system intercepts and diverts surface waters during snowmelt and rain.
Drainage is necessary to drain surface water
Next comes preparation for construction. Wall first the construction and then provide the normal way of access for vehicles. This way, you'll ensure that the construction works will not cause significant harm to the natural complex of the site. It is advisable to use a mound of gravel, slag or crushed stone, easypayday thickness of 15-20 cm and trebouxia. Stone size should not exceed 20-25 mm in diameter. It is also desirable content in the stones of smaller factions.
To prevent damage to vegetation the garden, organize the entrance transport
Take care of the fence. Then you need to look at the house and where the fence will stand. For example, if you want to put an expensive fence of carved fence, put it on the front side of the property, while the rear parts of the garden or the garden you can even use a regular woven fence. Also, do not make a brick fence on a high Foundation if you have a plot is a small wooden house. If you use a wooden fence, don't forget to paint or varnish. Then the fence will last longer and be protected from rust, rot, as well as atmospheric precipitation.
The usual fence will look on the site very cute
The last step can be considered a decorative arrangement of garden/vegetable garden. Decorate the area can even a simple support frame for a vine of grapes. These frames may be not only usual, but also woven, twisted or even forged metal. Not the last role in the garden decor also plays a special garden lighting. Look great on any country site the flower beds, a beautiful walkway made of concrete or stone made mosaic, wooden benches with carved backs and handles, living canopies of shoots of climbing plants, and much more. Here the main thing – to connect their imagination.
Alpine slide will look well on any area

Advice 2 : How to equip a suburban area with their hands

The arrangement of the suburban area is the next step after the completion of the house or cottage. A variety of options for its design caused by the preferences of the owners, family composition, characteristics of the terrain, which is a plot, and of course, the amount that the owner is willing to part for the accomplishment of his designs.
How to equip a suburban area with their hands
The services of a specialist in landscape design are very popular today, despite their high cost. However, a lot of people feel the strength and the desire to create your vacation the world on their own. In this case, you should study the information available today, to stock up on the necessary tools and time to allocate funds and to begin to realize his dream.

Plan design

For best result, experts and experienced homeowners are advised prior to construction works to prepare the site plan, which will be designated residential, green areas, and recreation areas. It is important to decide on a place for house on the site. It should be located on the North side, so on Sunny days it is less shaded light-loving plants. Outbuildings wiser to plan close to home. Garage or car is the most convenient place near the road. The area may include a gazebo, water feature, children's and sports grounds.

By planning everything, you need to imagine how will be arranged in a communication to all objects. Then taking into account climate, soil and plan the garden area.

Landscaping suburban area starts to build a house and other buildings with drainage systems, construction of all utilities and fencing the area. At the end of construction works it is necessary to remove from the site all rubbish. And then you can proceed directly to the landscape design.

Useful stuff

Arrangement of lawns today is greatly facilitated by the rolling lawns. Getting started planting the garden and ornamental trees and shrubs, it is necessary to consider how the combination of different types of trees. Feel free to spy how it works neighbors: when harsh winter climate would be useful to know how snow falls, what breed freeze, where the leeward side and other nuances.

Competent approach to the organization of flower beds and flower beds will provide an opportunity to admire the blooming plants in the landscape from spring to late autumn. Armed with albums and photos sites professional gardeners, they will help you to determine the volume of landings, growth selection of colors, there you will be able to borrow tried and tested options for vertical landscaping suburban areas.
Do not forget about the correct and tastefully chosen lighting plot: use artificial lighting and garden lights with solar panels. Look spectacular lights in the form of birds and butterflies.

The highlight of the country will give the additional decorative elements such as small ponds, fountains, statues, and walkways from natural and artificial stones.
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