To have all your desires fulfilled in reality, must all be carefully considered and properly dispose of its own land. The design divide up the land arbitrarily into three sections. One part is to take the vegetable garden, the second part involves building a house, the third zone provides for the future vacation spot.
The Northern part of the plot is the best fit for building a house. The construction plan so that nothing interfered with the placement of other zones, and it was all compact. The remaining land from the construction of the house can be successfully applied and covered her existing irregularities on the site. The front of the property line and plant a lawn grass, it will cover the territory of the beautiful green carpet.
Get rid of unnecessary spaces in the form of trees and shrubs, if any. If the underground is the source of water select the most suitable site for drilling wells. Make sure that she was near residential buildings, it is necessary in order to further it was possible to spend in building the water supply system and heating. The more you are surely going to carry out planting works that require irrigation. Overlaid well with brick, giving the appearance of a well, build a roof.
In places with the greatest solar activity, place the most light-loving planting (strawberries). If desired, build a small decorative pond that can be populated by fish. To do this, dig through the special technique a hole of the desired size and depth, fill the bottom layer of sand and lay a thick plastic film. The coastline is overlaid by stones and plant aquatic plants. Build a small bridge on which to sit, lowering his feet into the water and feed the fish.
In the area build a small gazebo where you can gather with family or friends in holidays or weekends. Next plant a few flower beds, they will delight the eyes while relaxing. Put the sandbox (if the family has children) with the fungus. Install swings and inflatable structures for entertainment and games.
If you want to hide from prying eyes, along the entire perimeter fence of the plant hops, or grapes, which will play the role of hedges that creates an indescribable beauty. Run in the right direction of the path. You can use gravel, limestone or flood special form different configurations.