Exercises using the parallel bars are aimed at the development of different muscle groups. Classes on this shell contribute to the formation of the muscles of the chest, back, shoulder girdle. The boards give a great opportunity to pump up the muscles of the arms and abdominals. In this case, the main burden still falls on the deltoid muscles and the triceps. Certain types of exercise, well develop the latissimus dorsi and lower part of the chest.
A precondition for creating beautiful relief is hand – worked triceps. Beginners often forget this, focusing on training the biceps, which is not conducive to building a harmoniously proportioned figure. Pushups on the bars effectively act on the triceps, helping to create strong muscles in this part of the hands.
Very proud of every athlete – a well-developed deltoid muscle. But to form them into a strength training quite difficult. And here come to the aid of parallel bars. Choosing a set of exercises for these muscles, you after a few months can boast of broad shoulders. After mastering the exercises on the uneven bars, the athlete is usually easier to proceed to exercise the deltoid muscles using barbells and dumbbells.
One of the best exercises for shaping the lower part of the breast is considered to be dips. It is recommended to take the lower part of the body backward, and the chin drop down against his chest. Changing the distance between the bars successively to examine different bundles of the pectoral muscles.
Wide possibilities are provided by the boards and for development of the abdominals. The rise and retention of direct legs in the support position on parallel bars – just one of the exercises for developing the abdominal muscles. Widely used athletes also lift legs, knees bent, and raising the legs above the bars to the side.
A well-constructed program of training sessions on the bars could replace strength training with free weights, such as an inclined bench press, exercises with dumbbells and bench press. To perform the exercises on the bars, you do not need expensive equipment, because this shell is frequently found in the most ordinary yard Playground. The main thing when training is to be desire, determination and perseverance.