Pay attention to experienced salespeople in your company. They earn through sales, because they have learned to genuinely communicate with different people. You have to catch this style of communication. Work one day to the next seller. Your task at this stage is carefully to observe and not to interfere in the process. Notice how your colleague begins a conversation, how to answer questions.
A good understanding of the productyou sell. Remember what drew the attention of the buyers, the ones you saw at the 1st step. The buyer and seller is usually a different idea of what is most valuable in the product. When you answer people's questions, you should be ready to give the most detailed feature of any quality product. You have to look like an expert. To do this, feel yourself in the role of expert. To arouse the necessary feelings you need to examine your product.
Self-talk with the first potential client. Use in the beginning of the conversation techniques, borrowed from your colleagues at the 1st step. Ask the client more questions and don't try to argue. If the person is not positioned to your product, ask permission to go another time when you have any new items. Usually, customers give permission for a further meeting.
Hold meetings with other potential clients. Agree with each of them about future meetings if you have something interesting. Even if at this point you have nothing to sell, you will have a list of people who refused to meet again with you. They already somewhat know you and next time will take more favorably.
Prepare well for the 2nd meeting with each client. Often people are hesitant to buy at 1st time, because you think you're a beginner. When you come to them repeatedly, they will begin to think that you are gone from this business. They will conclude that you can deal with. At the first meetings you sell not the goods, and himself. You promised people to come when there will be something new and interesting. Follow your promise. Prepare a story about another producte, which was not shown last time. Tell me what this story is new, even if the product is familiar to them.