Allergic to dust has its individual manifestations. Even if someone of the close relatives suffer from any kind of allergies and all the symptoms together, without a full examination to diagnose impossible. Very often allergic to dust is manifested as rhinitis and asthma, in some cases, added to allergic conjunctivitis. Symptoms do not depend on the season and worry throughout the year.
Once you find out that you are allergic to dust, reduce the amount of dust in the apartment. The less the body will be exposed to "stimulus", the less likely that the disease will progress.
Try to get rid of soft toys, canopies over beds, carpets, furs. Instead of curtains set of blinds. All the small knick-knacks, Souvenirs, magazines and books store in drawers or on the glass shelves. If you have Pets, do not let them into your bedroom.
Pillows and mattresses should consist of a material which does not cause allergies. Spend damp cleaning daily, cleaner use as intended at least twice a week.
For the treatment of acute manifestations of the disease use tools from allergies, have a sedative and calming effect. But they cannot be used by people whose work requires more attention, concentration and quick decision making.
Antihistamines can relieve itching and sneezing, they are available not only in tablets but also in the form of eye and nasal drops. Stuffy nose decongestants can be removed means. Very effective and nasal steroids topical use, helping to eliminate inflammation and symptoms of Allergy.
To completely and permanently get rid of allergies to dust it is impossible, but if you support the immune system, as well as the cleanliness in the room, the more chances that Allergy will not occur.